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Lorenzo held off MotoGP Championship leader Marc Márquez in an epic Silverstone race. Marquez crashed in warm up but took 2nd. Subscribe for more: http://lin…
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  • Dayle Nolasco 9 months ago

    Imagine even with a fresh injury his still managed to battle Jorge to the limit! In San Marino the battle continue. Determines who’s the best. But still they both the best! Even the Honda Rc213v is dominating the Yamaha M1 but still Jorge can achieved to Win. It will be exciting again for sure.

  • Dayle Nolasco 9 months ago

    This the Real Race.. Last Corner determine the winner. It was so Cool!!!!

  • chad formentera 9 months ago

    marc could have had it but his arms wasn strong enough to pull the bike more to the right to block the line out of the last corner but its all good next time Lorenzo would have cried again and bitch out and mopped around like a dog got his balls cut off

  • claudio calise 9 months ago

    gli 8 non mi piace sono dei patetici tifosi italianotti del buffone ROSSI ke si stanno un po rodendosi il fegato ahahahah e finita l’era delle nullita’ di biaggi e gibernau,adesso i fenomeni ti lasciano a 15 secondi e senza mettere bariere ai box patetico clown 46.

  • TheF1Picko 9 months ago

    elated that Marc didnt win, exclude this guy from a couple of races. I want this to go down to the wire.

  • claudio calise 9 months ago

    pauroso Lorenzo con una moto nettamente inferiore a fatto un capolavoro ke pilota il number one il piu’ forte e completo di tutti i tempi,anke piu’ forte e completo di Stoner ke aveva limiti psicofisici

  • N0rthernHellB0y 9 months ago

    And Dani is injured. Can’t do surgery like Lorenzo had, because he has broken it so many times.

  • GLR26591 9 months ago

    Actually Pedrosa destroyed his rear tyre when he was closing the 3sec gap